Perth’s Top Clinical Psychologists

Let us help you reclaim your life

No matter what mental health issues you are facing, our team of Perth’s leading clinical psychologists can help you address and overcome those issues with proven-effective psychological treatments. You can become more confident, socialise more easily at parties and feel happy to speak out in meetings. Flashbacks and hyper-vigilance following a car accident or work trauma can be effectively resolved. Relationships can become more satisfying. Even long-standing problems from childhood don’t have to have as much of an impact on your life.

Clinical Psychology vs General Psychology

What many people don’t know is that clinical psychological treatments in particular are based on many years of research, and their effectiveness is tested and proven. Clinical Psychology also means higher rebates, as Medicare offers a higher rebate for Clinical Psychology than for General Psychology. Please see your GP to discuss your eligibility to obtain a Mental Health Treatment Plan, in order to receive the rebate.

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