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Mental Health, Well-Being Gift Ideas this Xmas 2023

Giving the gift of better mental health during the holiday season can be a wonderful and meaningful way to show you care.

Forget high end commercial gift giving. Sometimes the best gifts are those that encourage a deeper connection and stay true to the sentiments of the holiday season – love, joy and goodwill.

Especially for those needing a mental health or wellbeing boost, a non-commercial approach can have the power to enhance mental health by fostering personal connections, providing emotional support, encouraging self-care, promoting mindfulness and contributing to overall well-being in various ways.

Read on for an explanation of how such gifts can make a positive mental health impact and eight non-commercial gift ideas to consider.

Gift A Mental Health Well Being Boost

Gifting a well-being boost involves selecting thoughtful, personalised gifts that contribute positively to the recipient’s mental, emotional and physical health.

Here’s how thoughtful non-commercial gifts can make a positive impact:

  • Personal Connection:

Non-commercial gifts often involve thoughtful consideration of the recipient’s interests and needs. This personal touch can strengthen relationships and create a sense of connection, which is essential for mental well-being.

  • Emotional Support:

Thoughtful gifts, whether they are handwritten notes, personalised journals, or homemade treats, convey a sense of care and emotional support. This can be especially important for individuals facing challenges or going through difficult times.

  • Encouragement of Self-Care:

Many non-commercial gifts, such as self-care kits or relaxation aids, encourage the recipient to take time for themselves. This promotes the practice of self-care, an important aspect of maintaining good mental health.

  • Promotion of Mindfulness:

Gifts like meditation CDs, nature-inspired items or guided mindfulness resources can contribute to a greater sense of mindfulness. These gifts encourage being present in the moment, reducing stress and anxiety.

  • Expression of Creativity:

Art supplies or DIY creative kits can provide an outlet for self-expression. Engaging in creative activities has been linked to improved mood, increased relaxation and a sense of accomplishment.

  • Physical Well-Being:

Gifts related to physical health, such as healthy homemade treats or nature-inspired gifts, can indirectly contribute to mental well-being. Physical health and mental health are interconnected and taking care of one often positively impacts the other.

  • Reduction of Materialistic Stress:

Non-commercial gifts, by nature, often involve less focus on materialism and consumerism. This can help reduce stress associated with societal pressures to acquire and possess, fostering a more content and balanced mindset.

  • Promotion of Positive Activities:

Gifts like subscriptions to mindfulness or yoga classes, personalised playlists, or podcasts encourage the recipient to engage in positive and uplifting activities. These activities can be enjoyable and contribute to a more positive outlook on life.

  • Fostering Gratitude:

Non-commercial gifts, especially those that involve a personal touch or effort, can foster a sense of gratitude. Gratitude practices have been linked to improved mental well-being and overall life satisfaction.

Mental health Christmas; woman listening to music sitting next to Xmas tree

8 Gift Ideas to Boost Mental Health

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift idea to boost the mental health and wellbeing of friends and family, here’s 8 non commercial gift ideas to consider:

  1. Personalized Journal:
    • Provide a beautiful journal where the person can jot down their thoughts, feelings and reflections. Journaling can be a therapeutic way to express emotions and track personal growth.
  2. Guided Meditation or Relaxation CDs/Downloads:
  3. Homemade Healthy Treats:
    • Prepare a batch of healthy homemade snacks. Nutrient-rich foods can have a positive impact on mood and overall well-being.
  4. Nature-Inspired Gifts:
    • Bring the outdoors inside with potted plants, flowers or a small terrarium. Nature-themed items, like a scenic calendar or a nature sounds playlist can also be calming.
  5. DIY Self-Care Kit:
    • Create a personalised self-care kit with items like scented candles, bath salts, a cozy blanket and a handwritten note of encouragement. It’s a thoughtful way to encourage relaxation.
  6. Mindfulness or Yoga Classes:
    • Gift a subscription to online mindfulness or yoga classes. Many platforms offer free classes or trial periods, allowing the recipient to explore and find what works best for them.
  7. Customised Playlist or Podcasts:
    • Curate a playlist of uplifting or calming music or podcasts. Music has the power to influence mood positively and insightful podcasts can provide mental stimulation.
  8. Art Supplies:
    • Provide art supplies like sketchbooks, coloured pencils or watercolour paints. Engaging in creative activities can be a therapeutic outlet for emotions and stress.

Remember, the most meaningful gifts show an understanding and consideration for the individual. Always take the recipient’s interests and personality into account when selecting their gift.

Have a Mentally Healthy Festive Season

If you’re struggling with your mental health in the run-up to Christmas, our psychologists can help you work through your feelings and deal with stress through counselling services. Contact us to find out more about how we can help.

We wish everyone a mentally healthy festive season.