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Groups are provided for help and support in a range of areas including anxiety, pain management, trauma, driving anxiety after a car accident, depression, to quit smoking and topics such as motivation and goal setting.

Phone 08 9275 9406 or contact us now to refer clients under Medicare, Private Health Funds, Workers compensation, MVA or for group therapy.

GPs can refer a patient through Medicare or through their private ancillary health cover. Rebates are different with each fund. A referral may be needed if a client needs treatment for whilst under a 3rd party insurance claim such as workers compensation or a motor vehicle accident.

A GP referral called a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan. is required to claim Medicare rebates for the first 6 sessions. A GP review is needed for the second block of sessions. Ten individual and group sessions can be claimed between January to December each year.

Medicare Rebates under Better Access (GPMHTP Plan)

10 individual psychology treatment sessions allowed each January to December in a calendar year.  In addition to these services there are 10 group therapy sessions allowed each January to December in a calendar year.

Gap fees with Medicare

There is a discounted fee for clients who hold a current Concession Card. If a Mental Health Treatment Plan is in place, it means after the rebate has been received, the out of pocket costs can be as low as $65.

Gap fees with Private Health Funds: Individual and Group Sessions

Most private health funds provide rebates for individual treatment sessions and group therapy but the level of rebates vary. A referral is not always needed. However, if a person has no cover and no Medicare referral, they will be unable to claim any rebates. The APS recommended fee is discounted if clients pay at the time of the visit.

How it works?

GP Mental Health Treatment Plan

Once per 12 months from the date of the plan.
A plan may last several years and triggers 6 sessions at a time.
Reviews trigger further sessions.

First GP Mental Health Care Review

A first review is between 4 weeks and 6 months.
Subsequent reviews are at least 3 months apart.
They trigger a second block of sessions.

GP Mental Health Consultation

This independent GP Consultation lasts at least 20 minutes.
It can replace a review if required.

NOTE: Information is up to date as 1/7/2013. For more up to date information, the relevant health fund or Psychological Health Care must be contacted.