Alcohol Addiction Counselling

In Australia, alcohol is a common feature of social life. Spending time with family, socialising with friends or unwinding after work can all involve alcohol consumption.

However, for some people, drinking alcohol can have harmful implications. In some cases, the easy availability and social acceptance of alcohol can lead to dependence or addiction.

Long-term alcohol abuse can have destructive consequences, damaging health and adversely affecting relationships.

If excessive drinking is damaging your health, happiness or harming those around you, alcohol addiction counselling may prove beneficial. Counselling services can guide and support you in dealing with the problems associated with excessive alcohol consumption.


Alcohol addiction counselling


An Understanding Approach to Alcohol Addiction

Individual experiences with alcohol addiction are varied. Our approach is to work with you to understand your needs and the ways in which your drinking may be affecting your health and relationships. We can assist you to identify the changes needed to deal with your addiction.

You may already know that excessive and prolonged alcohol abuse can affect your brain chemistry and become habit forming, with the subsequent addiction classed as a chronic disease with many associated health issues.

Working with a counsellor can assist you to deal with your addiction and guide you along a managed recovery plan.

An Individual Path to Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

You may already have taken the significant step of recognising you have an addiction. If not, talking to a counsellor can help you identify whether you have a problem with alcohol addiction and ways to tackle the problem.

A clear understanding of your dependence or addiction will assist you to plan a way forward. Getting the right help at the right time can make a big difference on your journey to recovery. You may need medical help too during physical detoxification, for example. Recognising triggers in the environment or your social circle can be important in avoiding relapse.

Inclusive Support for Alcohol Addiction

We are all social beings and our actions and behaviour affect those around us. Your relationships may have suffered because of your addiction to alcohol. Understanding how your drinking has affected your relationships is essential to your recovery. The support of your loved ones may help you to avoid relapse. Misplaced advice or anger from your loved ones may have the opposite effect.

Information is also available for children, partners, family members or friends impacted by alcohol addiction. Sometimes, the behaviour of addicts can result in trauma or trust issues for family or friends. Counselling can provide support to deal with these issues.

A Confidential Initial Consultation

We recognise that your commitment is the key to success. We appreciate that you need time and information to decide the right way forward for you. We invite you to make an appointment for a confidential consultation.