Marriage & Relationship Counselling

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Marriage and relationship counselling can help you better manage relationship distress.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship problems are a common cause of emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression, unresolved grief, substance abuse, anger management and weight control. This is not surprising given that throughout childhood, adolescence, adulthood and older age, our sense of self and how we behave is continually influenced by the way others treat us and how we feel about it.

Relationship problems can occur with communication, resolution of arguments or differences of opinion and sexual issues. Having children may change the nature of a relationship and adjustments may need to be made on both sides. Treatment may involve dealing with issues for one or both partners, building communication and anger resolution.

Psychologists can help you grieve lost relationships, improve or repair relationships, help you understand difficulties that seem unsolvable, teach you ways to deal with interpersonal conflict so that you can get your own needs met, maintain healthy relationships and feel good about yourself.

Relationship Counselling Can Help All Types of Relationships

Relationship distress can occur within families, couples, peers of all ages, in workplaces and other social groups. We have therapists at Psychological Health Care who specialise in marital therapy, family therapy, parenting and child behaviour management, step family issues, adolescent behaviour, workplace stress, dispute resolution, separation issues, emotional intimacy and sexual problems.

Get in touch to talk through your situation and we can match you with a clinical psychologist who can best help you tackle and overcome your particular issues.

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